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Down to the Core Blog - Heather Paye

Francis Hamit was interviewed by Heather Paye for her blog.

LA Books Examiner Interview

Francis Hamit was interviewed by the LA Books Examiner.

Keeping Kindle 2 quiet

Re: “Tell me an e-story,” editorial, March 4

The Times' editorial misses the point of the dispute about the text-to-speech function on the Kindle 2. Authors and other creators have the right to copy, distribute, perform, display and create derivative works -- including text-to-speech e-books -- from the original content they create. With very limited exceptions, these rights can be transferred only by written contract.

It is the author who decides whether the text-to-speech function on the Kindle 2 can be applied to his or her work. Not, not the customer, and certainly not all of those people who find the law inconvenient or tiresome.

The current awkwardness of the technology is irrelevant. Better voice systems are already present on phone systems. It is only a matter of time before they become part of text-to-speech applications on e-books.

My novel, "The Shenandoah Spy," is available on Kindle, but I have not authorized text-to-speech distribution, nor will I any time soon. I have been publishing e-books since 2004, but I do not think of it as more than a minor niche market. That may change in the future, and I might be inspired to bundle audio rights with e-book rights if the sales justify it. But that is my choice, not yours.

Francis Hamit
Frazier Park

Blogging the Muse

Francis Hamit lit up the scoreboard in his interview at Blogging the Muse.

West Coast Civil War Roundtable Conference

Francis Hamit speaking about Belle Boyd and the Confederate Secret Service at the West Coast Civil War Roundtable Conference in Clovis, California on November 8, 2008. Photo by Hal Jeperersen, Copyright 2008, used by permission.

Francis Hamit to do Book Signing Benefit for Fisher House

Francis Hamit, author of the Civil War novel, "The Shenandoah Spy" will do a fund raising book signing benefit for the Fisher House at the CalNational Bank branch in North Hollywood on Saturday, November 15, 2008, between Ten  AM and One PM.   The book will be offered at its suggested retail price of $18.95 (plus sales tax).  Hamit will donate ten dollars for every book sold to the new Fisher House facility at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital.

Fisher House is a long term residential facility for the families of wounded and critically ill veterans.  It is privately funded and run by a non-profit corporation.  Additional donations for Fisher House will also be solicited during this event.

"It's not really about selling a lot of books," Hamit said, "The book is available at most bookstores and on  It's about a way to give back to the community of military families that I come from.  My father was a Colonel in the US Army Medical Corps, and forty years ago I was in Vietnam, serving in Military Intelligence.   This novel is about Belle Boyd, who was a Confederate Army spy and scout and the first woman in American history to be formally commissioned an army officer.  Belle was a forerunner of the military woman of today and women today serve in combat at equal risk with men the way she did.  It seems like an appropriate way to draw attention to this new Fisher House, which is badly needed and deserves wide public support.  So while I hope people will want to read the book, I am more interested in raising money for Fisher House with this event.  CalNational Bank, where I have been a customer since 1985, has generously provided a place where we can do that.  We will have a container for other donations – a very large container." 

For further information contact:

Francis Hamit (661) 242-1686 or e-mail

Tim Byk, Executive Director, Fisher House Los Angeles, (310) 440-6400

Andrew Elliot, CalNational Bank (North Hollywood) (818) 299-9159